Descent and chromatic homotopy theory

Strasbourg, 2‐5 September 2019


The aim of this 4-day workshop is to pursue the deep connections between derived algebraic geometry and chromatic stable homotopy, with a focus on descent and its applications to

The workshop will bring together experts working on the abstract foundations as well as concrete computational applications, and aims also at offering an introduction to these topics for early career mathematicians and interested researchers in adjacent fields.

There will be four series of lectures:

and invited talks by:

Introductory lectures: During the first day (2 September), a series of lectures will offer an introduction to the background material necessary for the main lecture series, including the category of spectra and the language of (stable) infinity categories.

Abstracts and Prerequisites

The talks and discussion session on Monday, September 2, will aim to help participants acquire the desired prerequisites for the four mini-series. Of course, everybody is strongly encouraged to acquire as much as possible of these prerequisites before the meeting starts.



The workshop is hosted by the Institut de Recherche Mathématique Avancée (IRMA) at the Université de Strasbourg, France.


Practical information


Registration is free but mandatory.

Financial support

Some financial support for travel and lodging is available, with priority given to early career mathematicians, in particular PhD students and postdocs. Requests for financial support should be made when completing the registration form.


Participants not supported financially by the workshop are expected to arrange their own accommodation (a list of hotels is available here).

Funding bodies

The workshop is financed by the ANR project Chromatic homotopy and K-Theory, with the support of


Christian Ausoni, Tobias Barthel, Paul Goerss, Hans-Werner Henn and Geoffrey Powell.

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